#7 – Success & Learning from Failure (15 Reasons to Live)

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February 1, 2014 by mtymoschuk

I believe that we experience true success when we learn from our failures.  Then, is it really a failure, or simply just another step towards success?  This is why it is listed as one of our reasons to live.  Without failure, we would not have success to celebrate.

So instead of going through life fearing failure, let’s go through life with the goal of success but welcome failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Below is a quote from John Green that reminds us that we can at least try.  After all, when we try, it creates opportunity or a chance that we’ll achieve whatever we’re reaching for.  If you have a goal or a dream, go for it.  And if you don’t quite make it, try again but try differently.  Trying and failing is better than doing nothing and wishing for something.




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