#9 – Passion (15 Reasons to Live)

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March 4, 2014 by jennacrews

Drive, determination and strong are three words that I would use to describe passion. Passion is the feeling of loving, it’s the drive to want to go as far as you can and not give up.  Passion is the determination to always go beyond what you could have ever imagined and to push yourself until you can’t go anymore. Passion is the act of being strong in times of need and putting on a strong face when you might truly not have one. Passion is following your dreams and not giving up. When someone has passion you see them smile from ear to ear, you see their white pearly teeth, and you see the light in their eyes that’s telling them to keep on going. Being able to love a sport, activity, or job is considered passion. Once you love doing something and have the drive, determination and strong willpower then you have created that spark of PASSION in yourself that will forever be burning.


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