What a Year we Have Had!

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January 1, 2015 by mtymoschuk

Hey to all those Smiley faces!

We know we have been a little absent lately, but with school and work its easy to say we have been a little occupied. It feels like just yesterday 2014 was a New Year and we were just beginning our last year of high school. But now we are entering 2015 and boy was 2014 an eventful year for us.

In 2014 there were several exciting moments from sign holding to welcoming Massoud and Bonnie from Washington D.C. with our ball pit along with our high school leadership class. Or delivering flowers to our local seniors and most recently dropping some candy canes off with positive messages on Maple Ridge citizens windshields.


It’s easy to see that 2014 was a very successful year for Make BC Smile. But we expect 2015 to be even bigger with several ideas up our sleeves. I won’t go too much into our ideas but we have several, including lots that will happen during our 2nd annual Make BC Smile week.

Now that the New Year is so close we want to remind people that it is so simple to bring a smile to someones face. It’s often not the big things, but actually the small things that they will remember and its the thought that counts not the dollar sign beside it. In 2015 Make BC Smile has a couple resolutions that we will be incorporating into our events held throughout the year 🙂

We Hope that everyone has a SAFE and HAPPY New Years. It’s a New Year so embrace it!


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